CBA partners with AstraZeneca to launch Ghana Living Lab

Local communities, AstraZeneca, NGPTA, local partners and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance have established the first ‘Living Lab’ in Ghana. This community-led forest restoration project aims to plant and steward 4.5 million trees by the end of 2025 and establish circular business models for local communities.

The project, co-designed with local stakeholders, will restore 2,500 hectares of dry and savannah forest and demonstrate the benefits of biodiversity regeneration to the local economy, through the creation of local jobs and training programmes. The project also establishes 1,000 hectares of woodlots to grow sustainable timber and fuel wood and 1,500 hectares of agroforestry and regenerative agriculture.

The natural forested land in the Atebubu and Wiase districts in central Ghana has been subject to degradation and habitat change due to heavy encroachment and tree cutting for charcoal and timber. Local communities face challenging economic conditions and a deteriorating natural environment.