AstraZeneca announces an extension of the Atebubu and Wiase forest landscape restoration project in Ghana

AstraZeneca, as part of its global Forest initiative, has recently announced the extension of the Atebubu and Wiase Forest Landscape Restoration Project in Ghana on June 28, 2023. Working in collaboration with the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance, NGPTA, local communities, and organizations like the Nature and Development Foundation in Ghana, the extension aims to plant an additional 2.2 million trees. This expansion is expected to raise the total number of surviving trees to 4.7 million by the year 2025. The primary objective of this project is to provide enhanced benefits to nature and the local communities. You can find more details in the press release linked here:

“AZ Forest is AstraZeneca’s global initiative that, through collaboration with partners and local communities, will see 200 million trees planted and maintained by 2030”